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Hi all,

I recently purchased a J Reg (1992) Audi 80 2.8 V6 to replace my clapped out sierra, the car is semi-good nick but a shadow of the vehicle it once was.....

Im hoping to have some weekends free to go over all the problems but was wondering if anyone could offer some genral advice...

Issues with the car-

- Wheezes out at around 4000RPM so the car will only do around 105mph and isnt as nippy as one would expect from a 2.8 V6 (probably kicking out around 85BHP at the moment!) . I believe the cat has been either removed or knocked through and i need to inspect the intake to make sure its in a good state. ive been reading a lot about problems with the 80's MAF causing power loss and poor economy also.

- Central Locking no longer functions so petrol cap is always unlocked

- Getting a Red exlamation mark warning light when i first run the vehicle beeps and flashes around 6 times and dissapears - with no handbook i dont know what this means!!

Any comments you have would be most appriciated

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