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The problem with my gearbox is that there is a sound coming from the box. Everything works fine, changing gears on time and response perfectly. The only problem is when i reverse. It does reverse but is going much slower that it is suppose to.

Some times the gears selection light is blinking but when switch off and on it is ok.

I would like to know if that would be an expensive repair to do and if it is the gearbox fault. Can it be something else instead?

If i have to chance the gearbox, is my only option to replace it with the same gearbox? Can i use a 6 speed instead or wont fit?

Here are the details:
Audi A4 1.8 Quatro with Automatic Gearbox.
B7 Model
7 Speed Multitronic
Can you supply me with this gearbox ? What would the price be?
Chassis Number is:
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