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Be aware!
I have a 2001 A2 1,2 Tdi "Tiptronic" and here are my story.
I have 110´ km and the last service was on 100´km, got a fixed price from the Audi garage for 613 Euro. The price i had to pay at pickup was 3.466 Euro.

They also called me and said i had a noise from my "Tipronic" gear box, i told them this was new to me and they just said "replace it, its gone".
I thought i would drive the car til the gearbox broke by itself. 1 week later the gearbox broke down. The price for the new box is 4.000 Euro. I have arranged with a Audi dealer in Kile Germany to replace the box for 2.000 Euro and are transporting the car by boat next week. I love my A2 and save a lot of money driving it(fuel) but Audi kills me here in Norway. Does anyone else have problems with the automated gear?
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