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Hi Guys

I have been trying to search on here but I can't find the answer although i'm sure that it exists.

I have a 2005 A3 2.0 Sport diesel DSG.

It was parked up for a month during the cold weather and now I am using it again the gear numbers are flashing. Everything works fine the paddles, tiptronic etc but it doesn't show what gear I am using.

Nothing feels wrong although when I brake I have been having a bit of juddering. If I let go of the steering wheel while this is happening the wheel doesn't move. My brakes did rust up a little but I have just done a 120 mile trip and thought they would be back to normal by now.

Any ideas on what this is? What it is likely to cost me and if there is somewhere other than the main dealer to go. I am located in the Southwest Yeovil area.

Any questions feel free to ask and if it has been covered before feel free to point me in the right direction

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