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Originally posted by doug@Oct 21 2004, 09:13 PM
I recently purchased a 2002 225 lemanns edition with 12000 miles onit. I can't get the remote garage door button to work. I've done everything the manual says and all the things that are supposed to happen do , except the door doesn't open. I held the button down in the car until it slowly flashes, then proceded to the area near the right headlight area where the tranceiver is located and held my remote until my flashers blinked 3 times, to no avail, the door still won't open. The car is under warrantyso I'm not that concerned, was wondering if anyone out there could help me save a trip to the dealer , Thanks Doug~
I don't believe it's the car remote Doug, I had similar issues not only with my TT but with the wife's Acura. Used the same instructions as you with no results.

The problem may be in the programming of the remote versus the type of Garage Door opener. I have to use the original owner/operators manual of our garage door opener. It's a Lift Master Security+. Don't know what all the name means other than the security code continually updates, meaning one code won't work. My suggestion is look in your Garage door opener manual and see instructions on "How to add a Remote Control". If I can be of any further help email me at [email protected]
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