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Looking at buying a 2013 A5 (1.8T automatic) over here in Australia. The car was first registered in July 2013 and had it's first service at ~20,000k in May 2014. Since then, the car has had just one other service at 29,000km (June 2015).

We're now in August 2017 and the car has done 35,000km so only 6000km since the last service/in the last two years. Ignoring the glaring issue that 6000km is a tiny amount to drive in 2 years, how worried should I be about the lack of servicing?

Anything in particular I should pay attention to when inspecting the car?

Assuming I do get the car, I'll go ahead with a service ASAP. Is there anything else I should request at time of servicing (e.g. full engine flush)?

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