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Dear All,
I have a query for the tecnical minded among you.

Having owned ageing BMW's for years I recently decided it was time for a change, so this tidy v6 powered 100 caught my eye, two weeks since buying it, it's broken and I need help - or maybe I should stop trying to save money by buying used cars. lol

My 94 100 2.6e v6 will start, run for about 60 seconds or so and then cut out.
I have come to the assumption that this is due to the fuel pump failing some-how.

So I have removed the fuel pump service hatch and the top retaining ring and pulled out the fule sensor unit which is connected to the pump, however I just dont undersand how the pump comes out, I have tried turning it and squeseing the little clips to no avail - can any of you talk me through it, or do I have to call out the dealer with a tow truck.


Thanks in advance for any help


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Further to my last post I contacted a local specialist, who told me that I should just pull the pump hard to remove it, they also said I should cheak a few other things before resorting to a new pump.

So I put it all back together with the aid of my trusty lump hammer (that sealing retaining ring is really hard to put back on) and fired it up to see if the spark was cutting when the engine died. Guess what it started and it ran without cutting out.

So now I really dont have a clue !

I would welcome anybodys thoughts.

Steve :unsure:

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I have had to renew the pump on my A6 recently due to a similar issue. Initial thoughts were the fuel filter was dirty, then the pump which Audi have a special tool for, but I managed to twist mine out. If all else fails the fuel pressure regulator maybe suspect.

Nightmare - my thoughts are with you


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Sorry but I don't have an answer for you .. I have the same problem.. can't seem to figure out how the **** that thing comes out?? :(

I figured that the pump is not working when I checked the power too it and it looked good, but no noise or anything from the fuel pump.. my car would start sometimes too, but run only for a few seconds.. and that's it...

Had my hand down in the tank for over half an hour.. and nothing.. !!! Except I think I got high off the fumes..

This is what I found on the AudiWorld page .. from Bentley manual:

" In Reply to: Need instructions to take the fuel pump out of posted by dool on 2004-03-27 19:11:05

And, I take it you found the relay...



- Disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap.

- Remove cover for fuel pump module (under luggage compartment floor).
- Disconnect harness connector for fuel level sensor and fuel pump.



- Loosen fuel supply line -A-, fuel return line -B-, and breather line -C-, then carefully disconnect lines.
- Note installation position of fuel level sensor (angle).

- Loosen and remove lock ring with wrench 3087, and remove fuel level sensor from fuel tank.


While removing and installing the fuel level sensor, use care to ensure that the wiring harness is not damaged.

- Remove fuel supply and return lines from inside of sensor housing.
- Disconnect fuel pump electrical connection.



- Mount pump removal tool 3214 to fuel pump in baffle housing and turn pump approx. 15 mm (0.59 in.) in counterclockwise direction.
- Pull out fuel pump upward.


- Install in reverse order of removal.
- Install fuel pump as follows:

- Insert fuel pump in baffle housing so that notch (arrow -C-) aligns with marking (arrow -A-).
- Mount pump removal tool 3214 to fuel pump.
- Turn fuel pump clockwise until notch is aligned with next marking (arrow -B-)-fuel pump engages.
- Install fuel level sensor in original position. "

So in other words there is a special tool for removing the pump?? I'll see how I make out and post some more info..

I would appreciate if you do the same if you get anywhere..

Thanx and good luck... :beer:
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