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A few weeks ago my car was mistiming intermitantly like losing power then would go again I took it to a garage where he put it on the computor which came up with a Fuel Pressure Sensor fault, I could still drive the car so booked it in for 2 days time. When I was driving about a 3 mile journey to my parents almost all the power went. On returning to the garage the mechanic discovered coils 2 & 4 had gone so these also needed replacing. So anyway the garage changed the fuel pressure sensor and the coils and this cleared the coads.
The car was fine for 2 weeks when this weekend I did a long motorway drive from Cumbria to London (over 300 miles) when just outside London the car misfired again...this never happed again but I was worried about the journey back... I was right to be worried too because on the return journey the car was fine from London until just after Birmingham about 120 miles into the journey when it misfired again, then again and then again...I had to pull onto the hard shoulder as it was going so slow. I started my car again and it was fine for about 2 miles when it went again so I called the AA. He couldn't find anything wrong with it other than the code P5242- Low Pressure Fuel System Sensor Circuit High...he wasn't comfortable with me driving on the motorway losing power so I was towed home.
Today I have drove it to the garage and back and round town with no problems...The mechanic who did the original work got the computor on it again and it came up with the code for the pressure sensor as I have said but also a pressure sensor short to battery live fault!!
Basically I was just wondering if anyone else has had any similar faults?? cheers:(
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