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Fuel On Floor

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Hey guys i have a 97 2.8Q and i just filled up on gas. I found a puddle of gas on the opposit side of where i filled. It continued to come out and then eventually stopped after about an hour. It was dripping. When i checked this morning there was no more puddle. Does anyone have any ideas? I think it might have been that i overfilled; the problem was that it was on the other side from where i filled up. To be more specific, i noticed it was comming from under a heat sheild on the drivers side. Now that it has stoped i think i overfilled and it just traveled accross. Hope this isnt a stupid question since i am a bit concerned.
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yeah.. um.. don't even drive to your dealer.. don't drive the car at all if you've got a fuel leak. call a tow truck company who knows what they're doing and have it towed to the dealer :huh:

that doesnt sound like overfilling ... i'm not sure about on your A4 but both my jetta and allroad have a little drain right underneith the hole where the nozle goes. if you overfill, itll trickle out on the right side of the car.
hey guys i havent cheked the post in a while....i appreciate all the advice the car is goin to the dealer next week for service...but not for the fuel there is no more leak dont know what happened but i havent seen or smelled gas all weak, and i just filled today but made sure there was no topping off. Still no sign of the leak. i appreaciate the advice.
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