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Fuel Economy

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Hey guys, I just recently purchused my 1996 A4 and it gets terrible gas mileage. It is averaging below 20mpg even though I do a lot of highway driving. Before I got the car the dealership had replaced the timing belt. I was wondering if this could be the cause. Also any other ideas would be helpfull.
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what engine? ... timing belt shouldnt have anything to do with miliage... i cant say i get much better in the allroad... my jetta averages about 29 on the highway... also, depends on what grade of gas your burning.

oh. and lay off the gas! :wink2:
well.. the higher the RPM the more gas... so when crusing keep the rpms as low as possible... i usually shift around 3000 when i'm driving if i want to conserve
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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