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I will be updating this list with more items as I sort through the piles....All parts have 110k on them and no engine or transmission codes were present prior to the part-out.

I have the following items remaining from my 2001 S4 part-out. All items are OBO! Buyer pays shipping for the items and everything is removed ready to go. Basically I am giving the Vortex community the opportunity to purchase some parts they need before I trash them. No longer have the S4 and want to fund the A3 now.

--Front Subframe
--Tip Driveshaft
--Rear Axles
--ESP Control Box
--Alarm Sensor
--EGR Valves
--EGR Vacuum Solenoid
--Combi Valve Control Solenoid
--2.7t Intake and Exhaust Cams
--Fuel Tank
--A/C Compressor
--A/C Dryer
--Crash Sensors
--Black Glove Box
--Driver Side Black Knee Bolster
--Accordion Hose
--Knock Sensors
--Sway Bar End Links
--Trunk Area Cargo Net Hold Downs
--Purge Valve
--Rear Bumper Brackets
--Coolant Expansion Tank w/ Cap
--DS Front Power Window Motor
--Tiptronic Shift Surround
--A/C Pressure Switch
--Power Steering Reservoir
--Power Steering Reservoir Cover
--TCU Case Only
--ECU Case Only
--DS and PS Dash End Pieces
--Trunk Hinges
--2.7t Crank Pulley
--Trunk Latch
--PS A-Pillar Black
--DS Dash Vent Black
--Thermostat Housing
--Lower Radiator Hose
--Coolant Temp Sensor
--Rear Differential Cross Member
--Front PS Steering Knuckle
--Battery Tray
--Camshaft Sensors
--Serpentine Belt Tensioner
--Motor Mount Brackets (Bolt to Motor)
--N75 Lines
--2.7t Oil Pump
--Tiptronic Spacer

This should be everything I have left. If you need anything please PM me or reply to this thread. I really want this stuff out of here!

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