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Item number: 330070980359

For sale is a Genuine ABT Sportsline exhaust system for ALL 2000, 2001, 2001.5, & 2002 B5 S4 2.7T's.

The axle back ABT Sportsline exhaust features staggered polished tips with embossed logos.
This system reduces weight by about 35 pounds and cost over $1,350 to build.

ABT Silencer:
This was designed to cut the stock system after the pre-silencer and replace the stock muffler.
This reduces weight by about 15 pounds but, what ABT forgets to tell you is that this is NOT a direct bolt-on for the US spec S4s, where the stock piping is 2.5inch.
New price is over $900 for this section.

Custom B-Pipe:
Because the pipe diameter doesn't match on our US spec S4's, I had a custom 3 inch B-Pipe made of full stainless at a local high-performance shop (Signal Auto, Torrance, CA).
The B-Pipe is welded of numerous hand cut sections of piping to avoid any crimp bends.

Also, by removing the stock pre-silencer, you reduce about 20 pounds of dead weight and paid $450 for the custom B-Pipe because of its complexity.

Weight reduction and cost:
Total weight savings: Approximately 35 pounds.
Total new cost: Over $1,350 before tax and labor.

The Sound:
Though many may think that removing the pre-silencer will make the exhaust considerably louder, the twin turbos do an excellent job of reducing noise and produces a smooth, throaty sound. Also, for any turbo charged engine, the reduction of back pressure allows for maintaining turbo spool.
I have heard many exhausts for the S4s' and most had a raspy, Coke can (tinny) sound where this one does not.

This is a rust-free exhaust off of my Southern California S4, but Stainless Steel does oxidize and I did my best (might not be up to your expectations...) to polish the tips so you can bolt it on your car AS DELIVERED.
Comes with necessary hardware for bolt-on installation.

The exhaust tends to hang a little high, so included in the auction are some shims to lower rear 2 muffler hangers.
This ensures that you have proper clearance to prevent the tips from hitting the rear valence, which would burn or melt it.

Putting my car back to stock and more parts coming soon!

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