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This is the car, but I bought at local auction from them

Milltek Sport Cats! Total 355 HP and SICK sound, absolutely phenomenal! Unreal low price! Me and my buddies got our dealer license so we can start buying cars we want to drive, and we immediately put them up for sale for cost just so we can have the cars we want. That way we don't have to title and tax the cars as long as we sell them within 30-60 days :).

WOW, I've been driving a 540i automatic, and almost forgot how sick a six-speed is!! These S4's are smooookin' fast, and this one's no exception. Flawless car, inside and out. Per the eBay ad by the dealer I got it from, it's a one owner in perfect shape and ready to go. Don't pass this up, I guarantee nobody's gonna advertise a black on black S4 that's 2 years old for this cheap. Come n get it!

Any questions, just email me at texasmotors at gmail dot com or call our office at 281-940-0405 and ask for Cliff or leave a message.

Here's hoping we get to offer lots more of these to all the Audi nuts out there. I'm lovin' these Audis!!

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