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i aquired this set of wheels hoping to run them on my first gen that is switched to 5 lug. i live in a lameass redneck town where i cant find a place thatll fill and redrill wheels so i dont think ill be able to run them. ive been holding off thinking about shipping them off to get the work done, but im just testing the waters now. ive debated a lot about even getting the work done cause theyre so beautiful. i had to buy a set of Work Equips once i realized i wouldnt be able to run these. i dont need to sale them, just seeing if anyone would be interested.

(2) 15x6 and (2) 15x7 work ewing wheels
gold with a polished lip(lips are some of the best polished lips ive seen)
almost PERFECT condition
i weighed one of the 15x7b at work and it was 15lbs if i remember correctly
NO DIRT, BREAK DUSTY, or any other grime
these wheels dont see outside, as you can see in the pic, they are beside my bed and have been these since i bought them

the bad---5x112 lug pattern

the person i bought these from said they came off of an audi showcar and only used to drive back and forth from shows.

the only cars i know of with the 5x112 pattern is audi's, VW's, and mercedez's

alomost forgot, haha, im looking to get $600. like i said, im in no rush to sale.

this is my first and will be my only post on this thread as i dont drive an audi. i buy and sale things all the time on the rx7 forum i have 23 positive feedback on ebay. i also have a verified paypal address. will ship via UPS or FEDEX and tracking number will be sent as soon as theyre shipped.


via email--- [email protected]<---the best option
via yahoo messenger---aws140


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