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I've already gone through the FAQs as well as other posts...

Here's the issue:
1997 A6 Avant 185,000+/+ miles

Couple months of Left Front Clunking and steering wheel vibration. It's not just a single clunk but a rapid clunkety clunkety sound as well as feeling. I can kind of feel it in the floor board as well as the brake pedal but it's DEFINITELY suspension related. Happens while driving straight as well as in turns. Nearly any speed. Bumps will really start it off. If I apply the brakes for a moment, it will get a bit worse and then subside briefly. If I turn left through a curve, it's worse. If I turn right through a curve it's almost non-existent. There's something going on with loading and unloading / weight transfer....

I jacked up the car and pulled off the left wheel. ALL components appear to be tight with the exception of the upper bearing plate? The boot has fallen and it's pretty messy up there. If I try and rotate the coil spring, it very easily moves a scoche and I do hear a clunk sound. I put the wheel back on and lowered the car and bounced it up and down. I can see the top nut and "washer" move. Right side does not do this. If I push the car side to side I can hear a clunking.

I think this is likely the problem (bearing plate or strut)... but what can I do to properly check the other components?

Am I on the right track?

Thanks in advance!

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