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Hello guys,

My name is Flo and I'm in deep ****!

My brother lent me his S3 to travel to Spain and I've managed to break it some how. Before I take it to a mechanic in the morning could I get some expert advice on what may be wrong with it please? Here's what happened...

I had reached the town I was gona stay in after a 2 hour highway drive. It was very hot so I had the aircon all the way. I was a little lost so I stopped to ask for directions. Then all of a sudden, I put the car in first gear and when I let go of the clutch and accelerate, the car jumps as stalls as if I'd lifted the clutch too soon - but I hadn't, believe me.

When I start the car again, pressing the clutch, I notice the gear stick is very loose, and it won't go in reverse. I can only put it in 1st gear and that's it!

Right, while I was driving up I noticed that every time I accelerated, I could hear what sounded like water jetting through a pipe, coming from the engine - not sure if this helps. The car is now parked in a dodgy area and I'm gona have to get a spanish mechanic to look at it. What's wrong with it? Can it be fixed? Will it cost me huge amounts of money?

Please help,

Flo. X
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