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Audi Assurance covered my self-flooding Audi Allroad '04

I recently had this same problem others have experienced, 6 inches of water in the passenger side rear floorboards after some severe rain storms.

I had a few months of my Audi Assurance left, and the company and dealership shop gave me an early indication that it would not be covered.

I told them the following:

> This is a design flaw in the car that dozens of people have experienced, I'd be happy to print up dozens of examples from the internet of other dissatisfied customers.
> When Audi Assurance says that "Outside forces" are not covered, ie, leaves and pine needles got stuck in the car, it's a moot point if there is an inherent design flaw. I told them that was the counsel of my lawyer.
> I told them that there is nowhere in the car's owner's manual which instructs users to remove the battery to extract leaves. This car is outwardly immaculate.
> I told them an '85 Corolla is waterproof, and my '04 Audi should be too.
> I told them I would pay the dealership, but planned to sue Audi Assurance to recoup these unacceptable losses. My lawyer said that with this evidence, it would be a simple case in small claims court (<$2500)

Thankfully, Audi Assurance paid for the repair, cleaned out the battery compartment, replaced the computer, removed the passenger seat and compartments and thoroughly dried the car out--about $2000 worth of work.

Good luck to anyone else with this annoyance,

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