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:unsure: I have recently bought an a4 Cabriolet and was going to go the full hog and get tft screens fitted into the headrests, all was going well and the car was dropped off at the auto electricians - After returning to pick the car up at the end of the night I descovered that nothing had been done????

The guy gave me the following excusses,
1. The headrests have a bar in the middle and we cannot get screens to fit ?
2. He could not get the back plastic cover removed from the back of the seat to feed wires down???

He advised that mounting brackets could be used for the screens, however he would need to contact Audi to work out the removal of the rear of the front seats, needless to say, I'm still waiting on his call six weeks later!!!

Does anyone know how to remove the back panels on the rear of the front seats in an a4 cab, poss the same as other Audi range???
also any advise on fitting bigger headrests? what ones will fit??

Any help would be great!!!




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