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First Post & First Question [ipod?]

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i searched the audio tech and the A4 forums for "iPod" but only found one post.

so i offer this:
what are my options to hard-wire a connection for an iPod in a 2000 A4?

ideal solution is to have one cable/plug that charges the iPod battery and lets music flow from iPod to the head unit [factory Bose]. i understand that the connection on the bottom of the iPod can do this, but how do i hook that up to the head unit?

i don't want to lose the ability to use the CD changer.
an FM transmitter won't work due to interference.
plugging into the cig lighter for power is undesirable.

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Its called ICE LINK and its marketed by Dennison.

This will allow you to use your steering wheel button to change the tracks.
The Ic-Link will also allow your head unit to read and display the track on the head unit. But you have to use the external CD hookups to do this.
The Ice-link 'fools' your head unit into thinking the i-pod is a CD Changer
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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