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458 italia

THE MISSION: remove wetsand marks, buffer marks /light holograms , improve exterior appearance.

Material used in correction:
- red cutting pad meg with meg 105 on flex da - 2 passes on wetsand areas , removed with mineral spirits
- green LC light cutting pad with optimum hyper compound on flex da, removed with IPA
- 3m ultrafina on 3m blue pad with flex da , removed with ipa.
- 2 coats of opti-seal

the damage before ( swirls, wetsand)

damage after:

wetsand before:

wetsand after:

light holo on hood:

Pictures from process:
Tape everywhere

the rear bumper was the last one touched

ready to go in the sun

Ferrari F1

the cars was at some event , i was asked to give them a refresh , wipe down , and wax
exterior is beat up, needs a lot of work , but the engine is what matters on those cars.
the pic was taken with cellphone.


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Enzo ,

in good shape , some light dust , fingers smudge all over.
- optimum car wax on all carbon fiber and paint (doors, floor, dash , seats etc)
- wipe down interior and vacuum
- onr wash , optimum opti-seal as protection
- optimum car wax on wheels
- m40 on tires
- plexus on engine window (lexan i guess)
- optimumcar wax on carbon fiber in engine compartment
- windows in/out with meguiar`s glass cleaner

pic after

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