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I'll be posting a set of original Desmond RegaMaster Euros (not copies) on Ebay in January.
The set's 17x8 PCD5x112 ET+35 and fits Audis and VW Passats.
I'll include spacers if for an S4.

These are forged in Russia, made in the same factory as the Spoon rims for Hondas, and only weigh 6.75Kg (14.88lbs).
FYI: has incorrect info on this size.

I brought these over from Japan and has 225/45-17 P-Zero Nero's.
Starting bid I think is going to be around $1500.
There's some nicks from bad install of tires.
No curb rash.

Super rare and super expensive new.
Any offers before I post???

Mail me at: [email protected]
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