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Faulty Fuel Guage And Temp Guage

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:unsure: My fuel and temperature guage do not show any reading. I was wondering if maybe the guages were faulty, but im not certain. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! -Teemu [email protected]
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"My fuel and temperature guage do not show any reading."

Is the fuse (S7; 5 A) good?

If so, then looks at the regulator TCA700Y.


Perhaps a bad contact with the printed circuit?
Or TCA700Y is defective?
TCA700Y is a positive voltage regulator 10 V; 1,5 A
To buy a new TCA700Y at Audi or a salesman of electronic components.

Good luck!


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spot on legumais--- i had the same problem on my 16 valve its a common fault -- fiddly job to replace tho!!!!
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