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I just came on the site to see if there are any A4 Cabriolet owners who have been having the same problems as me. It is a 2.5Tdi sport.

I bought my car brand new in June 2004 and so far I have had nothing but problems.

There was a creak emanating from the windscreen which took audi 5 attempts to fix.

The lights on the vehicle have failed 9 times. Ironically (they have charged me for replacing them once or twice too saying bulbs are consumable items!)

They offered me an upgrade to 18inch alloys from the 17inch standard ones but forgot to replace the spare claiming that an 18inch wouldn't have fitted in the boot and even in their most expensive S4 cabriolet model they don't provide an 18inch spare. When they gave me a S4 as a courtesy car after my complaints, I found the wheel does fit perfectly and the S4 does come with a full size spare.

They told me the car needs to be serviced once every 2 years or 19,000. The car has only done 18,000 and the service light has come on twice.

The brake sensor keeps coming on indicating that there is something wrong with the brakes when I start the vehicle. Audi say that this happens sometimes and I should ignore it... I wonder what they'll say if i crash due to brake failure...

Their customer service is generally poor and unprofessional. They have cancelled my booking claiming courtesy cars were not available etc just a day before booking.

The car has been in 11 times for repairs since I bought it in June 2004 and I have been abroad for 6 months of that time!

I tried to reject the vehicle, but they say I've got no grounds to. Audi UK are equally useless and claim they have no jurisdiction over the dealer.

I've now just issued me Audi dealer with a court summons.

Anyone else had nearly as many problems as me????

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