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Hi all,

Great forum here!

Wondered if anyone would be able to help....

The oil temp guage in my year 2000 A4 is behaving in a wildly erratic way. For eg. after turning the engine on the dial will shoot straight up to 3/4 while the water temp guage is still on zero and the engine is still cool enough to touch. Periodically the guage will dip down to 1/4 or even nothing.

When the problem first manifested the coolant warning light also appeared. The level in the header tank had got low, so I filled this back up and the level has since remained constant.

When I explained to local Audi garage they suggested water pump problems in view of the mileage (mid 70k), but since there are no leaks and the guage is moving even when the engine is physically cold this doesn't seem right to me.

Anyone any pointers?
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