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So I just cleaned out my '03 and wanted a pro to wash it so I took it to the full service guys and paid for the top package to have them re-vacuum and wash/dry it for me.

As I pulled away from the wash - maybe a block away - the MIL and EPC light came on. I lost some power, but it doesn't sound or feel like an ignition coil deal.

When I got home I shut the engine off and gave it a minute. When I powered it back up the lights were gone and the "check" button came back "OK". I did not have a chance to drive it anywhere yet so it might come back.

NOW for the really fun part...I am detailing my car today because I am supposed to show it tomorrow to a potential buyer! It's a Sunday and I won't be able to find anyone to look at it until after this meeting. I sure hope that light won't come back on while he is driving it!!!
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