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Engine temp.instrument dead, repair ?

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I have got a A2 petrol -02. The engine temp.indicator infront of the driver has dropped dead. It has been verified by an authorized Audi workshop it is the actual instrument that has broken down. Their reply is that it has to be replaced by a brand new one.
The reason for using a brand new one is the problem with theftprotection and to get the milage back etc. It can only be done once per instrument.
Furthermore, I contacted a local instrument repairshop specialized in automotive´s. They said they could do nothing due to its complexitiy and lack of wiring diagram etc.
Is there anyone out there knowing about a cheaper repair but buying a new instrument ? Any workshop specialized in Audi instruments ?
I am located in Sweden, but can ship anywhere needed.

All the best,
Thomas Johansson
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Hi There,

No, after a long search nothing. Maybe a luck in a way, because I found out it was not the instrument after all. I had to replace the entire thermostat housing with all its connectors being attached to the left end of the cylinderhead.
Some part inside there is broken and missing why the thermostat cannot work properly. This causes a too cold engine why the instrument does not show any reaction. Remember the instrument starts at 60 degrees C, anything below is not detected.
Now everything is back to normal, though the thermostat housing was not cheap.... Even replacing it was kind of tricky. It is being connected to a major pipe that goes along the backside of the engine, all the way to the waterpump being placed on the cambeltside. The two parts where locked to eachother with a clamp looking like a horseshoe. Well visible, tricky but possible to reach from underneith the car, impossible from above or the side under the hood.

All the best !

Thomas Johansson
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This is usually a very simple and quick fix, the fault is caused by the Temp sensor, this device is a 'dual' sensor and usually one side or the other fails. This can either show the fault as no temperature gauge on the clocks (Instrument cluster) (it shows dead gauge or sometimes it will just into life, or even bounce the needle around) or it will send incorrect information to the ECU (ECM) and the car can exhibit issues like starting problems.

If you scan it the car for faults then it usually shows:

16500 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Implausible Signal
P0116 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent

or similar.

I hope this helps people as the dealers are careless and will just change things like the clocks and then still have the problem after all the expense.

It is important to note that the DTC (Error codes) can also differ.

The part number sensor is VW AUDI GROUP PART NUMBER: 059919501A

The same sensor is also used in following (and maybe more) cars:


GOLF MK4 1998 - 2007

BORA 1999 - 2005

PASSAT 1997 - 2005

TOURAG 2003 - 2005

NEW BEETLE 1999 - 2010

POLO 1995 - 2002

LUPO 1999 - 2006

SHARAN 1997 - 2010

CADDY 1996 - 2003

TRANSPORTER 1999 - 2004


JETTA 2006 - 1010


A2 2000 - 2005

A3 1997 - 2003

A4 1998 - 2008 (including quattro)

A6 1998 - 2005 (including quattro)

A6 ALL ROAD 2000 - 2005

A8 1999 - 2007 (including quattro)

RS4 2000 - 2002

RS6 2003 - 2005

TT 1999 - 2002


IBIZA 1999 - 2002

LEON 2000 - 2006

AROSA 1997 - 2004

TOLEDO 1999 - 2004

ALHAMBRA 2001- 2010

CORDOBA 1999 - 2002

INCA 1996 - 2003


OCTAVIA 1997 - 2010

SUPERB 2002 - 2008

I hope this helps :)
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