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Engine Service Light - code errors

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Hi everyone,

Desperately seeking some help please!

I had a new timing and fan belt done last weekend and the weekend before that a new clutch.

Nothing was wrong with the car I don’t do a lot of miles around 4-6k a year - the garage said it was good to replace them anyway - had a new timing belt done around 2016/17.

Anyway I have an Audi A4 Cab 2007 it’s in mint condition and never had any problems until the garage replaced the above items namely the timing and fan belt!!

I’ve gone to this mechanic for many years so I know them well.

Anyway since last week, the error codes keep popping up they checked the plugs etc and cleared them though they’ve come up 3 times now! They still have my car and called yesterday to say they don’t know what it is - which is frustrating as I’ve just spent almost 2k (that I really didn’t have) to keep the car in top condition and now this nonesense has happened!

I don’t wanna have to take it to the Audi dealership and fork out more money that I don’t have - I regret taking the car to have the other stuff done as after the clutch it was driving so much more smoother.

The car has lost its turbo power it’s gone into limp mode and this only happened on Sunday prior to that it’s been driving fine even though the emission control light came on.

I’m attaching a photo of the codes that came up in a bid to see if anyone on here knows what it is. The garage said it could be nothing just a loose wire though they don’t know and have taken it to an electrician!

I read on another forum that someone was having similar issues and I think it was something to do with the vag plug? Anyway it fixed it - though don’t know if he had all the error codes I’m having even though the issues were the same.

I live over 25 miles away from them so it’s a massive inconvenience getting there and having to get public transport back to go back and forth again.

Please can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation.
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Hi -
Apologies, I’ve doubled up on the pics somehow.
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This has nothing to do with my problem!!
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