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Does anyone know of a company that remove and reinstall engines? My 2003 A6 2.7T manual Quattro suffered a broken cambelt and I want to rebuild the heads. I an't afford to pay for all this work to be done. If the bottom end is damaged then I'll scrap the car. There are also some other jobs I can do with the engine out.

I found only one company who do this, but wanted me to pay for the singine in/out but got ackward and just started messing me about when I wasked if I could have the engine out first and only have them put it back if I decided to repair it. Other companies have not wanted to take the engine out because they do rebuilds and think I should pay them for the whole job.

I would take the engine and car away so it would not take up garage space while I work on the heads. I live in the midlands but would travel if I had to.

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