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Some time ago I've replaced engine mountings in my A4 B5 1.9 TDI 90HP AHU to Lemforders.
Unfortunately those mountings are trash. My whole car is shaking and the driving comfort is at 0%.
Now I want to change them to original ones (AVON). The parts database is saying that original ones has following numbers: 8D0199832M (R) and 8D0199832J (L).
I've asked many dealers in Poland (country where I live) but they said that Right mounting with that number is not produced anymore.
On online shops there is similar mounting with the same part number but with different ending - not M but AR/AE/AC.
The Lemforders which I've got now are compatible both with M and AR/AE/AC.

So the question is: Does anyone knows if they'll fit to my car? Are there any differences between them?

My car VIN: WAUZZZ8DZVA179473.

Thank you for your responses.
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