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Its been quite awhile since I have been on the forum.....It's almost sad to have to come back....No offense.

Here is the problem, I was driving at about 75 MPH, downshifted from 5th to 4th, nothing happened. In fact, it felt like something slipped, like a transmission slip, but I have a 5 spd manual......after about 3 seconds, 4th gear finally kicked in and off I went...SLOWLY!

The engine light turned on, and remains on.

Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? It is an 00 TT with 40,000 Miles....Could it be the Timing Belt? I have yet to replace the timing belt for fear of the $800 pricetag....yeah I know, the result of not replacing the timing belt and blowing the engine is much much more.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

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