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Good evening all,

I have had my A6 3.2L FSI for two years now and it's been fine. I put it into the garage recently for its TÜV test (2 yearly road worthiness test in Germany) and they couldn't do the emissions test. Apparently the system has been disconnected. The giveaway is the lack of the yellow engine light when I put the ignition on, but to be honest I had never noticed that it wasn't on :(

My question is: Before I pay ridiculous money for a garage to investigate and fix it, does anyone know where it may have been disconnected? ie, is there an easy access box or connector where someone may have disconnected it?

I've had a look myself but can't see anything obvious.

I suspect that the system is faulty and that it was disconnected to put the light out (easy fix).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :smile2:

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