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Hi to all,
:eek: I am a musician playing pubs/clubs,mainly in the highlands of Scotland and islands in a duo.I travel about 30k miles per year and have done for last 15yrs in a variety of old bangers and vans on some pretty gruelling roads,fraught with many,deer,cops :D and generally *** roads.However i recently purchased an Lreg Audi 80 Avant estate V6 2.6litre and I love it :grin: It does however have a few quirks so thats how i came to find this site,in the hope that I may find cheaper solutions than taking it to the local audi dealer :wink2:
So hear I am and no doubt I'll get to know a few of you along the way.
This looks like a pretty cool site.
:eek:fftopic: I too am a webmaster and have a similar forum based website I started in 2001 feel free to check it out
Its an independent music site and has many d/ls all legal i may add.So if you want something a little different from the mainstream to blast on yer car system...look no further.
Heres a piccy of the motor(not that great camera phone job)


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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