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First post and as usual its for help!

I have a 2002 A4 Avant TDi which originally has had its electric windows and wing mirrors fail. I have been reading up on the Internet and have discovered that the control box for these is located under the passenger side footwell. I've checked the connections to the control box and the connector rail just going up the A pillar and they show no sign of corrosion or water entry.I've also opened the control unit up and found no water damage or component damage. Re-soldered all the main connections as a precaution.

I'm now pretty sure it is the control box that is at fault and had a price from Audi of £230 to supply a new one, not including fitting.

Before I go out and buy one can anyone help confirm that the problem sounds like the control box please, maybe an Audi technician out there! Some of the symptoms I have found are:

-Electric Windows Fail
-Electric Mirrors Fail
-Interior Light + map light stays on when set to "door open" mode and doors are closed.
-WHen locking doors, indicators fail to flash and alarm LED stays on, although unlocking doors will cause the indicators to flash
-No illumination to drivers door switches but passenger door electric window switch is illuminated
-Checked all fuses

All help/advice appreciated.

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