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1998 A4 B5 2.8L 30V (AHA)

In the summer months, with the AC on, you can hear the car from half a block away - seems that the supplementary electric fan is on high. Always.

Looking at the schematics, it appears that this car has two relays that drive this fan. One supplies it directly with 12V, and the other supplies it with 12V through a series resistor. The series resistor is an unusually expensive ($120) part with a massive heatsink.

Since the resistor is easy to get to - I measured its resistance. It's 0.5 Ohms.

0.5 Ohms seems to me like it's essentially a short. Which could be an explanation as to why the fan sounds like it's always running at full power all the time.

My question - what's the resistance of this thing supposed to be? Does anyone know, or can someone who happens to be underneath their car bust out a meter and check? I've scoured the interwebs and haven't found anything that indicates what the resistance of this thing should be.
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