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Hi all,

Brand spanking new to this site...

I just bought my first Audi, it's an A6 1.9tdi 2002.

Firstly: The central locking is not functioning correctly, I am guessing I must bring the key to a main dealer to have it reprogrammed, I replaced the control unit and now once I turn the ignition off and remove the key the central locking seems to arm itself!? The hazard indicator flashes quickly, although the indicators do not. :confused:

Secondly: Only the fastest speed for the wipers works, which can be fairly annoying in a small shower!!!:mad:

Lastly (for now): After buying the car without a genuine FSH, I replaced the timing belt, water pump, etc and also the power steering pump failed.... Is there anything else I should do as in preventive maintenance?????

Cheers lads!
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