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Are you looking for a method to copy protected DVDs to keep your favorite DVD movie from damages? Many movie lovers have hundreds of costly DVDs and this article is going to tell you how to use Movie DVD Copy to burn copy protected DVDs to protect your investment and make it as painless for you as possible.

First, Click here and download Movie DVD Copy program ready to backup DVDs

1) Main menu: enables users to access different tasks, choose language, configure options, exit program, etc;

2) Task buttons: implement some main tasks from the user interface easily;

3) DVD explorer: shows disk structure files after loading DVD;

4) Device: lets users choose input and output devices to complete different clone tasks;

5) Preview window: contains preview screen, position indicator, start button, stop button;

6) Action buttons: Eject DVD, Start copy action, Load DVD.

Second, Insert a DVD in the DVD drive

The logo of your DVD drive will be changed into a disc shape with disc name:

Third, load source DVD

Press the Load DVD button, then the file tree of this DVD will be shown in the DVD explorer section:

Fourth, select clips to be cloned

In the DVD explorer, you are able to select the clips to be cloned. Below example skips some chapters and subtitles, and omit title set 1 and 2:

Fifth, choose output device

In the drop down list of Output Device, there are many options. They can make different kinds of clone from the source DVD:

ISO Image File: this option will create ISO image file on hard disk;

DVD Folder: this option will backup DVD to local hard disk as folder;

Source DVD drive*: in this illustration, F: drive is the source DVD drive; remember not to select this one;

Output DVD drive*: no other DVD burner, or many other DVD burners; this depends on your computer hardware configuration.

Sixth, Start cloning

Different clone types come with different output device options:

1. If choose ISO Image File, Movie DVD Copy will ask you where to put the ISO file;

2. If choose DVD Folder, it will popup Browse For Folder window to let you set the output backup folder;

3. If choose another DVD burner, it will burn selected clips on another DVD.

After selecting clone type, click the red triangle Start Copy button on the right panel, then Movie DVD Copy will start cloning operation:

When below message prompts, your DVD is cloned successfully:

Why you need to copy protected DVDs?
The last few years more and more movie developers are protecting their DVDs with commercial DVD protections. Movie with DVD copy protection is not able to be copied and backed up to the computer or a blank disk. And since the DVD copy protection relay on breaking the compliance with DVD standard, some DVDs cannot be played on every DVD player.

These restriction cause problems: costly DVD once break, theft, or has any kind of damage, your investment is lost forever – let alone some of your favorite DVD collections. What’s more, if the DVD cannot be played on your own DVD player, it is useless!

If this has been your worry, what you need is to copy protected DVDs and get backup DVDs. Movie DVD Copy is the best DVD backup program that can easily break DVD copy protection and protect your DVD investment from any damage, theft or losses.

Movie DVD Copy – Bypass copy protected DVDs
Movie DVD Copy is a versatile and easy-to-use DVD movie copying, DVD backup software to copy DVD movie to DVD/computer with 1:1 ratio and super high DVD copy speed, compress DVD9 to DVD5 with great quality, copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO file, and preview DVD movie when DVD copying. It is the best choice to make backup copies of any non-protected and copy-protected movie DVDs.

Movie DVD Copy is the perfect DVD backup software for your favorite films. Backup your DVDs on another DVD or on your hard drive - either way, it can be done with just a few clicks. You'll be impressed by the excellent video and audio quality of your DVD backups, and by the speed with which you can create them!

Visit Movie DVD Copy website and learn more
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