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Hey there guys & thanks for letting me join your wonderful site, i am pretty sure i will get good use of this,

Now for my issue, The amber emission control warning light has flashed on and off a couple of times over the last couple of weeks on my 94k 2005 A3 2.0 TDI, the 1st time it came on while making a short journey at night, the next morning it went off immediately after starting, i did about 500 miles hassle free over the next week or so and now it has come on again tonight, this may sound strange but i think it came on (each time) just after i increased the temperature of my windscreen blowers!! is this possible??

Allthough the light is on, The most annoying thing for me, is that the performance level of the car aint dropped. Atleast then you would no there was a genuine fault.

Any ideas troops? Any responses gladly appreciated.


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