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I created a cold air intake from some 60mm ribbed plastic piping, and a rubber join(see photo) that I got from my local hardware store (Bunnings, in Australia)

The hose went down beside the filter box and curved around to point out the lower grille. This may be an issue if you have fog lights.

The engine now takes cold air from the front of the car, rather than off the constricting area around the radiator, where the stock air intake is. On stock, the air must do 2 90' bends over the radiator to get to the intake.

Performace gain is minimal, but the mod is VERY cheap ($15 and about 45 mins), but the big difference was a much smoother idle when the engine is hot. Also, at pace on a cold day - there is slightly better throttle response.

Now, for a K&N panel filter - pod is too much work to make it legal :)

If u want more photos, I can email them.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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