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Hey! Check this out. I bought a great XM radio receiver that is supposed to draw its power from the cigarette lighter outlet. However, both lighters in our 1997 A6 Quattro are dead. The fuse for that circuit is blown. But, when I try to replace the fuse, it immediately blows, so there must be a short somewhere. We live out in the sticks, where the nearest Audi pro is many miles away (and I mean many!) So, rather than mess with trying to find out where the short is in the system, I'd like to somehow just direct-wire this thing. I'm thinking (probably incorrectly) that I can cut the adapter off (you know, the thing that plugs into the cigarette ligther) and attach the wire to the fuse box (???). Isn't there an "auxilliary fuse" in the Audi fusebox to which I can attach this wire? I realize that the circuit I would form would still have to have a fuse in there somewhere, so as not to blow up the little XM radio receiver (a "Roady 2", by Delphi).

Am I completely off base, here???? Thanks in advance!
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