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Differences Between S4 2005.5 And 2006?

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Hi users:

Based on my reading Audi forums and numerous discussions with Audi sales managers, the two areas where the new 2006 S4 is unquestionably different versus 2005.5 are:
1. Bluetooth and voicecontrol capability (available for an extra $500 as part of the Premium Audio package)
2. External V8 badges etc

The third area, i.e. 40-60 Front-Rear split, is causing me a lot of headache. The Audi US hotline number mentioned that the 2006 will have the Torsen C drive, which provides a 40-60 F-R split. They then retracted that and said that would be available only on the 25th anniversary special edition and NOT the regular 2006 S4s. They then retracted that and said the Torsen C would be available on the anniversary version but the 2006 would have a 40-60 nevertheless.

Three separate sales managers have told me they know nothing about a 40-60 upgrade on the standard 2006 S4.

So what's the definitive answer? My layman's belief, based on all of one week's knowledge of Audi is that:
1. Torsen C = 40-60. You can't have 40-60 without Torsen C.
2. Torsen C only available in the 25th anniversary version, not in the standard 2006 S4
3. Therefore, the 2006 S4 will also be 50-50.

There were numerous earlier threads which indicated exactly the opposite i.e. that the 2006 would have a 40-60 split although they didn't link that to Torsen C.

Anyone know what the bottomline on this issue is? Either way, I'll be joining the Audi ranks soon - am on the verge of placing an order. Am trying to decide between Red-Black versus Black-Black and of course negotiating price :)

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very usefull, to bad i cant afford an S4
I seem to remember the Magazines confirming 40-60 split. Additionally doesnt the 06 have nav+(plus) as an option as well? Also doesnt 06 have tire pressure monitors and a choice of different "no charge" wheel choices?
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