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Difference Between S4 & A4

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Hello to everyone, I am new to the Audi forums.

I just sold my car and am looking into getting an Audi, preferrably the S4. I'll be looking at a 2001 S4 this weekend. I was wondering what the difference between an S4 and an A4 was visually. I know the engines are different and I've heard they share the same chassis. But if I were to go with aero styling (body kit, headlights, etc) would the parts be the same between the two? Because all I see are parts for the A4. Thanks in advance!
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stock A4s and S4s are almost exactly the same except for:

-grill/front end
-etc ...

... the reason you see styling parts only for the A4 is because A4/S4 parts are the same.
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