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Difference Between 1997 And 1998 A4's?

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Hey-First of all, I'm new to the site and I have to say nice job!
Are there any differences between the 1997 A4's and the 98'? A friend of mine tells me that the 98's have five valves per-cylinder and the 97's only have two. Is this true? Would this make any difference in HP, accel, etc?
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There is a small power difference...the 98's have a bit more horse power, and there are more mods for the engine.
^the power is the same^

it wasent untill 99.5 when they put the 170 hp engine in it.

97 and 98 are basiclly the same, very small differences. they came out with TIP in the 98 autos though.
but wasnt it in 98 when they went to 5v per cylinder compaired to the 2v in the 97's
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