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Now, with GROM Audio’s car mode app’s latest update, DashLinQ offers two additional new features make this app even more essential and


DashLinQ is the only driving mode application that offers access to most music apps, and key integrated music plugins. The DashLinQ drive mode media payer plugins include: (Google Music), WebRadio, internal Local Music player, and Spotify.

All music plugins are easily accessible through the DashLinQ music interface. To minimize driver's distraction, DashLinQ allows for one swipe access to the currently playing music. All you have to do is to swipe down with one finger on the DashLinQ main screen.

With gesture controls, big fonts and car optimized user interface; it's easy to manage selecting music.

To switch station, album, artist, simply use a left-right swipe gesture to move to another station. Gesture controls make it easier and safer to use the app, and to minimize driver's distraction.

Check out YouTube video that highlights DashLinQ music media plugins at DashLinQ drive mode app feature updates | GROM's Blog


In addition, DashLinQ drive mode app now offers a new plugin that allows drivers to locate their cars after they park.

Designed specifically for use with Bluetooth connection, this new plugin is called “Where’s My Car?” Once you leave your car at the parking place, DashLinQ will remember your car location if it was active and the phone was connected via Bluetooth at the time of parking.

Switching later on the “Where’s My Car” plugin, you can use DashLinQ to quickly zoom into the car location.
(in order to use this feature, in car bluetooth connection to DashLinQ must be active when you parked your car).

To read more, visit our blog @
DashLinQ drive mode app feature updates | GROM's Blog

To download the app, visit us @ Google Play Store

To ask questions check DashLinQ Google Plus community at DashLinQ Driving Life App - Community - Google+
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