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First hello to everybody, I'm new here and I hope this is the right section and that you will be able to help me.

The car is Audi A4 TDI 1.9 year of production 2000. The original battery lasted aroung 5 years :eek: and last week the car did not want to start (no power from battery). So the car was started by connecting external power from another car to this one. After that, the battery was charged over the night but next morning still didnt work so a new battery was bought.
And here's the problem: The dashboard (almost everything on it) doesn't work anymore, the backlight is gone, all instruments arent working, radio and air conditioner backlight is gone, even the lighter's backlight doesn't work.
I don't know exactly since when this problem occured (after connecting other car's power, after charging or after installing a new battery).

If anyone knows why or has similiar experiences please tell me what caused this problem and how to fix it (if it can be done with software-VAG-COM or repairing if something is broken).
First thing i cheked are the fuses and they seem not to be blown. Im looking at some schematics of these electronics but atm I cant find where a power line finishes. :mad:
Does anyone have a good link for schematics I need?

Here are some pics I made to show you how it looks CLICK

I hope the post is not too messy and that you will be able to help me if there is anyone with such knowledge :)
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