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Hi all,

I am a final year degree student from the UK studying Automotive Design. My final major project is looking at creating a new SUV concept, crossing over the dynamism and some of the elegance of a coupe's appearance with the off-road ability (albeit watered down) and practicality of an SUV. At the same time I also want to make the vehicle as user-friendly as possible and address any issues that people might have with SUVs.

From reading some of the posts in this forum you guys come across as very knowledgeable about your vehicles, and pretty helpful too, which is more than I can say for some of the forums I've been on! I was hoping you guys could help me out on a couple of things...

I would like to know what made you buy your Q7s over any other SUV? Also, from a user-friendly point of view, how easy is it getting in and out of the vehicle? Do children have a problem getting in and out? If you're not very tall, is it difficult to do work in the engine bay or get shopping out of the back? What about vision too? Yes, you have a commanding view of the road but is your vision obscured by pillars, etc?

I know there's a bit to read there, so thanks for taking the time to read it. You don't need to stick to those suggestions above; they were just some ideas to get the ball rolling. See it as an open floor to discuss the vehicles you love! :)

Thanks again guys,

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