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Hi all,

I have a question - first time here. Thanks for having me...

After much ado, I think I found the reason why my Audi would not start some hot afternoons (I'm in New Zealand - it's summer here): the (crank) ignition timing sensor was leaking oil up into the connector. This 15-second discovery came after three breakdowns (stuck in parking lots), two tows, and $1200 in repairs. Ugh!

Audi did get this code but also two others, and even then the mech thought it was the temp sensor (I told him no spark, so I ruled that out - correct?)

Anyway, the o-ring in the sensor was damaged so hence the oil pushing up the wiring into the connector and beyond - still dripping oil after several hours.

My question: is this just a bad oil ring or could there be (also) an oil seal problem upstream?

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