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Hey audi friends.

Bought an A4 B6 quattro auto transmission 3.0L 2003 that cranks but doesnt start. This is my 2nd audi and am hoping to find the issue.

So my A4 will crank but not start. I've tested alot of the normal no start issues including ECM relay, fuel pump relay, listened for a fuel pump hum upon ignition, checked crankshaft position sensor plug (cant find the actual sensor though someone help me out), and checked every fuse I could. Gas in tank, new battery. Not sure if ECM if fried yet though. OBD eleven vag com couldnt find codes and an amazon vag com system couldnt even connect. So still may be a fried ecm. And have not tested fuel injectors.

Though upon further inspection I noticed low amount of coolant. I went to refill, and it starts pretty much pouring out of the passenger side underneath. I thought perhaps the low coolant level could cause a no start as a safety feature so I quickly poured water in and tried to start but that did not work. That doesn't rule out a bad coolant sensor IF this car DOES in fact have that safety feature. So correct me if I'm wrong here but:

1. If it cranks, the engine isn't seized - which was my first thought if it's leaking coolant this bad. Right?
2. Is this the "flange" in THIS diagram? #27 - it's on passenger side of engine where leak is, and heard about these leaking. Or could it be another component and if so which ones?
3. Could this mean a blown head gasket? It'd have to be seriously blown for it to be gushing out like this right? When I crank it, I get a random "explosion" or two, sounding like a cylinder firing.
4. Could the fuel pump be bad even though I hear it prime? Does anyone know where the check valve on the fuel line is for a pressure gauge?
5. Does anyone know where the crank position sensor is? Could only find the grey plug.

I'm limited with a ****ty haynes manual, two scanners that wont read anything, and google.

Cheers and thanks in advance if you read this whole thing!!!
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