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I have an Audi A4 Estate 2010 B8 TDi.

This post is intended to assist anyone with a similar problem of cracks appearing in rear (LED) light lenses.

On the first hot day this spring I noticed the lenses in my rear (led) lights were full of tiny cracks. I investigated the problem on the internet and found that a Porche had the same problem. The cause is a manufacturing fault (Bosch?) which occurs - sometimes - when the plastic used to make the light lense is injected into a mould which is too cool, causing stressing in the lense. The lense then cracks easily when subjected to changes in temperature due to small amounts of moisture in the plastic expanding against the prestressed lense - causing the cracking. I showed the garage who had never seen this problem before - but they agreed it was not normal, and although the car was just 2 months out of guarantee, agreed to exchange the lights free of charge as a good will gesture.:) Good decision, well done to them and thank you. I presume this cracking problem occurs rarely perhaps on in 10,000? but I wonder if the manufaturer's QC knows about it?
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