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Hi all,
Just found this forum, although I am not new to Audi as I have a beautiful TT and recently bought another Audi Avant.
Been looking for a while and found a really low mileage top spec A6 Quattro,not local but did all the MOT checks and it had full service history.
Sold through a dealer with warranty etc, serviced in October this year and top end money. Checked over by the dealer pre collection, all looked great.New Not last week, all clear
All service invoices present to back up the mileage, same indy looked after the car for several years. Stamp in the book for the last service a month ago but no invoice?
Contacted them today and they kindly emailed me a copy, shocked to see comments about heavy corrosion on front subframe including a hole!! One strap securing fuel tank corroded through, exhaust mounting heavily corroded, NSF arm split. They did not do the MOT I hasten to add.
This car has just been driven almost 200 miles back and we had no idea.
It's not some cheap.old banger.
I have emailed the dealer so will await their reply but wondered what redress I have.
Are Audi's really this prone to corrosion?!
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