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hey guys,

i have a 2005 5speed manual ultra sport and i have done some stuff to improve peformance (new exhaust, giacc chip, new intercooler, high performance spark plugs)
but i am considering getting even more work done.

i found a shop which seems pretty reputable and the owner was talking about replacing the turbo and putting in a new high performance catalytic converter.

i had never thought about replacing the catalytic converter and am wondering how much of a difference will i feel with this new work?

basically trying to figure out if i'll be getting enough bang for the buck. (he's charging about 2400 for the new turbo including labor, and 1K for the cat+labor)

there were also a few minor things he mentioned doing but can't remember off the top of my head, and weren't very pricey.

i'm new to the forums so i apologize if this topic has been discussed ad nausem before, i tried searching but had no luck.

any feedback, even just a link to an old thread, would be greatly appreciated.
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